6 Ways to Optimize Your Cholesterol

6 Ways to Optimize Your Cholesterol

6 Ways to Optimize Your Cholesterol

You likely hear a lot about cholesterol and unfortunately a lot of that information may directly conflict with other information you hear. The truth is that there’s a lot of money to be made from people who want to get in better health and lower their cholesterol. At Rancho Wellness, we are not here to sell a program. We are here to help each client find the best way to maximize their health. Read on to learn six strategies to optimize your cholesterol and then reach out to us at Rancho Wellness.

  1. Make sure you’re getting the right tests
  2. When you talk to your medical professional about cholesterol, ask them which tests are available and which ones are best for you. They should be willing to explain to you in detail not just why you need the test but why it’s optimized for you. Not everyone needs the same tests and at Rancho Wellness you can count on us to always offer specialized treatment that takes your unique needs into consideration.

  3. Focus on healthy fats
  4. Too often, the advice to people with suboptimal cholesterol levels is to eat a diet that’s lower in fat. While it’s true that you want to reduce some fats in your diet, it’s not true that you want to try to get rid of them altogether. Instead, focus on increasing good fats while reducing bad fats. Just what are good fats? They’re fats that come from natural sources. Examples include avocadoes, extra-virgin olive oil, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, fish, and others. At Rancho Wellness, we can provide a targeted list of healthy-fat foods for you.

  5. Eat a low-glycemic load diet
  6. While you’re adding in healthy fats, make sure you’re adding in high-fiber foods and focus on plant-based foods. You’re looking for tons of omega 3 fats, lots of phytonutrients, and food that’s just generally natural. This does include vegetables, but limit your starchy veggies like corn and potatoes. Get more protein from beans, nuts, and seeds, and if you’re going to eat animal protein, stick to high-quality grass-fed meats.

  7. Exercise consistently
  8. There are many studies that show that exercise is as important for ten year olds as it is for senior citizens. Studies also show that consistency can be as important – if not more important – than intensity. For example, walking 30 minutes a day every day may be better than doing advanced weight training if you only do it three times a month. Again, at Rancho Wellness, we can come up with targeted options for you.

  9. Sleep is essential
  10. You do want to optimize your blood sugar, which we’ve given advice on above, but remember that sleep is extremely important as well. To get better sleep, don’t watch TV or get online for at least two hours before bed.

  11. Take supplements
  12. There are a wide range of supplements that can help you ensure you’re getting the right type of vitamins and minerals. When you work with Rancho Wellness, we can go over your cholesterol, your diet, and your lifestyle to provide targeted advice on which supplements you should be taking.

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